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Small business online advertising is an under used marketing strategy.

The feedback I hear often from business owners like you is that the entire concept of using the Internet for advertising still seems like a mystery.

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Should you build your own website?

Should you use the Google Adwords pay-per-click platform?

Should you be on Facebook or Twitter?

While all these are viable options, the challenge is the time required to get each strategy off the ground, working and lasting for you long-term.

Not to mention the high costs involved!

Interesting Small Business Online Advertising Survey

As a matter of fact, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) performed a survey with small business owners…550 of them…and found that they invest only 3% of their advertising dollars on the Internet.

I find that fascinating in this day and age of Yellow Page books being thrown quickly in the trash in favor of Google searches by your potential customers.

BCG discovered that coupon mailers and Sunday circulars are still favored by many small businesses because owners aren’t sure in which direction they should go online.

I Offer an Exciting Solution

Here at Digital Marketing Connect, I’ve found a way to help you find customers online through what I call One Page Marketing (OPM).

OPM is a marketing and advertising strategy you can use to easily rise to the top of the search engines for relevant keywords associated with your business.

Rather than needing to invest time building your own 100+ page website, you can feed off the success my website enjoys by the fact that it’s constantly updated and added to in terms of new content and pages.

This constant “freshness” is exactly what a search engine like Google wants to see and the entire process results in quality rankings for you and your business.

I’ll research a relevant, yet low competition keyword that we’ll use to advertise your business. Then, we place your One Page Listing here on my site.

You’ll benefit from a quick and long-lasting search engine ranking for your chosen keyword that now drives traffic to your One Page Listing.

Why This Is Unique

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Traditionally, search engine optimization (SEO) companies do many of their clients a disservice in that they target extremely competitive keywords.

While a competitive keyword is nice if you’re on the first page of Google when your potential customer searches for it, in today’s cutthroat online world, it takes a massive amount of time, money and effort to remain on the first page for those types of phrases.

Using my distinctive strategy, we’re targeting those effective, yet less competitive keywords others ignore. This results in a quick rise to the top of the search engines and allows for long-lasting success.

Remember, if you’re not on the first page of the search engines for your targeted keyword, it doesn’t matter how many people are looking it up each month…you aren’t being found by the people you’re looking to sell to!

My Offer To You and Your Business

If this small business online advertising strategy sounds interesting to you, I invite you to take an initial step toward a partnership between the two of us.

Simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to discuss your business idea!

Then, I’ll be in contact with you to discuss your options.

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