Marketing and Advertising on the Internet

If marketing & advertising on the Internet for your product or service is your goal, allow me to let you in on a key piece of information:

The online marketing “space” has changed drastically over the last couple of years.

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What does this mean for you?

Well, ask yourself these two questions…Would you rather:

Invest time running your business & doing what you do best and enjoy most? OR,

Log countless hours on your computer trying to compete with the hundreds, or even thousands, of websites in your niche?

I know the answer is obvious but with the reality that more people use Google than the Yellow Pages in our modern times, it’s vital that you and your business appear at the top of the search engines in order to survive.

Advertising on the Internet Just Got Easier

Knowing this reality, I set out to solve this issue and I’m thrilled you’re here to potentially benefit from a new search engine optimization (SEO) strategy I call One Page Marketing.

One Page Marketing (OPM) is an extremely simple way for you to take advantage of my knowledge and expertise on how to be found at the top of the search engines for terms highly relevant to your product or service.

Additionally, through this exciting technique, it saves you countless hours and dollars in terms of staying at the top.

Let’s Go Deeper

The search engines have changed over the last few years. Gone are the days when you could put up a website or webpage, become ranked well for your relevant search terms and then benefit forever from those rankings.

Today, a search engine like Google expects to see websites constantly updated with new, fresh information. If you aren’t constantly pleasing Google in this manner and your competitors are, then you’ll be squeezed out of the top rankings.

This means you must find a way to not only target the correct keywords that you have a shot at winning for, but you must become a webmaster and constantly work on your website.

Unfortunately, this takes time away from your core business practices you must perform in order to deliver for your clients.

How My Services Will Help You

My SEO strategy saves you time because I know how to find extremely low competition keywords that allow you to rank high in the search engines quickly…and, I allow you to benefit from the fact that my business is the running of this very website where your one page business listing will appear.

Since I’m constantly adding new content and pages to the site, the search engines love to rank its pages high in their search results and keep those listings.

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To sum up, you benefit in 3 ways:

  • Create your business page once

  • Gain rankings fast and long-term because of the way I research low competition keywords and keep the site constantly updated

  • Free up time and energy to properly run your own business & satisfy the customers your business page on my site attracts for you

Interested in simplifying your advertising on the Internet needs and gaining a listing on

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