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My name is Doug and I provide local internet marketing services for entrepreneurs both locally and around the world.

Actually, I'm the owner of this website, and I promise you'll be glad you found my page.

And this leads me to an important question I have to ask.

Did you find this page directly from a search engine results listing?

If not, I'm glad you found me and I have some great information for you. 

However, if you did find me through search engine listings "which most people do" it's proof of how I can help your business be found online too!

One Page Marketing (OPM)

You see, I provide a cutting edge and unique internet advertising service; I call One Page Marketing. OPM, for short, is simply taking one page about your business, product or service and displaying it on my search engine optimized website.

But your page is not an ordinary page simply advertising your business, as you could advertise anywhere online.

Your page is called a KFCP or Keyword Focused Content Page. The KFCP is based on a specific keyword phrase your customers are typing into the search engines looking for what you have to offer. 

But here's the magic or secret as to why your one page will succeed on this site...

The concept I'm about to share, is more than likely how you found this page. And if so, this means that you know it works!  

My new innovative process is such an ingenious idea and concept, that I'm almost afraid to share it publicly online!

Well, in a nutshell, I discovered a unique "white hat" SEO technique. This new method enables small business owners and entrepreneurs to take advantage of researched low supply keywords for their products and services. 

A low supply keyword is a word or phrase that has very low competition, competing for it. They are the forgotten keywords that most SEO'ers forget about and pay little or no attention to.

Don't Make This Common SEO Mistake

Most local internet marketing services unknowingly use highly competitive keywords for their clients when performing SEO on their sites.

SEO button

However, this is a huge mistake, because it's a jungle on the web. And in this day and age, it's nearly impossible to get high rankings for a highly competitive keyword or phrase.

For an example, take the word "Advertising". Did you know that there are over 30 million pages on the internet that actively use this keyword for their website? As you can see, it would be pretty impossible to dominate the first pages of Google for this keyword.

Now, on the other hand lets take a KW phrase like "Charleston Sc Advertising" and you'll see a much different picture. There are only 5 pages of sites on the internet actively using this phrase. Wow, can you see the difference?

Yes, there are some other factors involved, but I'm sure you see the point. This example proves why it's critical to associate yourself with someone who knows what they are doing when helping you to market your business online.

Another Reason My Local
Internet Marketing Services Work

Another very important reason why you want a business page on my site is simply this. Your one page is feeding off the success of all the other pages on this site. Let me explain it this way. One way Google ranks your site is by the amount of content you create.

Well, as an online business consultant, providing local internet marketing services, I discovered a very sad truth. I found that probably 95% of all websites fail online, due to lack of insufficient content and information on their sites. 

This is because most small business owners and entrepreneurs simply don't have the time to write hundreds of pages of content on their website. Unfortunately this is part of their downfall, because mother Google is in the business of providing fresh relevant content for its searchers. 

Have you even wondered why Google and Bing are the most popular and most used search engines on the net?

It's because Google and Bing provide the best and most useful information. It's a proven fact that you will find better information faster, by using Google or Bing over any other search engines on the web. 

And this brings me to discuss why YOU should strongly consider creating an advertising page on this site for your business, product or service.

Fast, Long-Lasting Local Internet Marketing Services

Local Internet Marketing Services

When you create a Page/Ad on this site advertising your product or service, your page is seamlessly feeding off of all the other pages on the site.

So, this means that you only create one full page promoting what you have to offer, and your page gets a search engine Boost from every page created both before and after your page was created.

This gives you the opportunity to put in a little work, but reap BIG results....

Another important reason why you want your page on this site is because your page has a great chance to rank HIGH and rank FAST. This is because it's a low supply KW, and has very little competition.

Most small business owners find this very appealing, because it's really difficult to get fast results through traditional SEO.

So, if you are ready to jump start your business with my local internet marketing services, fill out the brief questionnaire below.

I will then contact you and direct you on how to get your business page on

Best regards,  
Doug with E-Business Experts, LLC

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