minimizing online advertising costs

Online advertising costs have risen over recent years and I know you’re looking for a competitive solution for your need to attract new customers on a consistent basis.

In a moment, I’ll explain to you a highly successful method I’ve invented that's helping folks like you solve this issue of costs vs results in regards to Internet marketing your business, product or service.

First, I’d like to provide you the basics in how rankings are attained online so you can see why my method of advertising has solved many of the negatives for you.

staying updated with google is vital

Simply searching “online advertising” in a Google search will give you many results. However, this doesn’t mean they’re always trustworthy.

low pricing, yet effective seo methods

Services that worked during what I call the “old days” of the Internet are still advertised as being relevant today.

Unfortunately, most people (even some search engine optimization companies!) don’t know about how Google has made updates that make these services obsolete.

My system of helping you advertise, what I call One Page Marketing, is one that is current and up to date in terms of what works in Google and the other search engines.

Additionally, I make it my business to stay informed on each new Google adjustment to its algorithm.

Through my services, we’ll focus on keywords with very low competition, which means that your advertisement page will achieve a fast and high ranking for you.

Today’s Internet Marketing Challenge

A popular way of advertising online is writing content that’s directly related to what your services are.

This used to help you keep your ranked position in Google’s search engine but it’s a more limited strategy today because of the extra time now required to keep your content ranked well.

Because of the Google changes I mentioned previously, it’s now necessary to keep a website constantly updated in terms of new, fresh content. If you don’t do this, your rankings begin to slide down to make room for the competition that is performing these updates.

If you’re like most of my clients, you don’t have time to maintain a website in order to please Google’s new requirements.

Minimize Your Online Advertising Costs & Time Involved

That’s where working with me becomes a great benefit for you.

My business is helping you rank well and attract targeted prospects so you can more easily close sales. That means my business must also be to work within what Google wants.

mobile phone reflecting effective internet advertising

When working with my advertising services, we’ll place a One Page advertisement on my website.

This website is constantly updated and I also perform many other tasks on the site that keep it in the good graces of Google.

As well, my proprietary keyword research tools uncover the low competition keywords that allow your business to be found quickly and easily in the search results of Google, Bing, etc.

Once my research is done, your one page ad is quickly made and results soon follow.

Consider that creating your own content, web design, etc, that are required for ranking in Google will cost three to four times the amount and time that my One Page Marketing solution will cost you.

Let’s Build a Working Relationship

There’s no need for you to fear online advertising costs. I invite you to open the door as you and I explore working together regarding your marketing needs.

To get started, simply fill out my specialized questionnaire below so I can analyze and deduce how my One Page advertisement method can benefit you. I’ll then be in contact about your business idea!

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