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Effective online advertising doesn’t need to be as complicated and frustrating as you may have experienced up to this point.

Especially when you outsource the work to an expert who can deliver you the prospects you’re looking for while you focus on your day-to-day activities needed in order to fully operate your business or enhance your product and/or service.

web marketing success comes from one page ads on high ranking site

Search engine optimization (SEO) is only effective when you embrace the long and tedious amount of time it takes to develop what’s needed to create a ranked website.

This means you need hundreds of relevant articles and a website specifically designed for your business. If you’re like many of my clients, you neither want to invest this time nor have a need for a website with literally hundreds, or even thousands of content pages.

This is where my easy to implement One Page Marketing method comes in as I help you outrank your competition.

More On Search Engine Optimization

The way a site is ranked depends heavily on the content on your site, as well as in the expert selection of low competition keywords. These keywords must be "winnable"…but also need to be within the limits of what Google finds as “acceptable”.

As you can see, the process is complicated and takes a very long time to master, especially in the area of keyword selection.

My One Page Marketing method removes the need on your part to SEO optimize a huge site of your own by connecting you to my site, which is constantly updated and constantly adding new pages (two vital aspects of what Google wants to see a site performing).

The SEO “Game” Has Changed

To say Google has changed the way it looks at websites and ranks them is an understatement. The game has changed and will continue to change.

For example, many Internet advertising agencies continue to use outdated methods in terms of adding incoming links to their clients’ websites from non-related sources.

success with online marketing

Today, Google will heavily penalize these methods.

Yet, it continues to be done by those who refuse to stay knowledgeable regarding Google and its new ranking penalties.

Understanding these changes is the lifeblood of my business and an advantage you’ll gain when hiring me to market your business, service or product.

My One Page Marketing method has never failed me because of two major reasons. I am always updating my site with fresh content and I have mastered the art of researching those low competition keywords many others fail to uncover in their research.

I’ll uncover those keywords that result in a quick and highly ranking marketing page for you and your business and/or products.

Your Effective Online Advertising Solution

I look forward to getting to know you and your advertising needs. My commitment to you is to expertly research your niche in order to uncover those keywords that will attract your best customer, as well as achieve that coveted high Google ranking.

Effective online advertising is my specialty and passion. Allow me to fulfill your needs in this area and you’ll benefit in attracting online prospects and sales over the long-term.

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