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Are you finding it hard to find affordable online advertising for your business?

One reason you may have run into is that Internet marketing is a complex topic and you’d rather be focusing on servicing your customers or enhancing your product.

I'm excited to let you know I’ve developed a method that effectively gets rid of the complexity and is also an affordable solution to your efforts at ranking well in Google. I call my method One Page Marketing.

One Page Advertising Doesn’t Require Constant Upkeep

My system for helping you effectively advertise on the Internet isn’t something that will require you to constantly keep up on the latest SEO updates.

low cost seo doesn't mean ineffective seo

The SEO “game” is changed every few years by Google and this leads to many folks feeling as if they can’t keep up.

My One Page Marketing method ensures that you never have to worry about changing your entire site because of these updates.

In fact, you don’t even need a website when you allow me to help you market your business, service or product!

Saving You Time, Energy and Money

When your focus is on your customers, your business, your products, etc, I understand how frustrating it can be to try and understand how to most effectively and affordably use the Internet as a marketing tool.

One of the most important aspects to enjoying a top ranking for the keywords relating to your particular niche is a content rich website. Many of my clients express that they either don’t want the hassle of maintaining their own site or they simply don’t need one.

For this reason, I believe you’ll be excited to learn more about working with me in order to help you with your advertising needs.

I’ll research relevant, yet low competition keywords and we’ll place a prominent one page listing on my website that is indeed a content rich website that Google loves to rank well. You benefit from that, as well as the fact that my proprietary keyword research methods ensure we’re getting your page ranked quickly and long-term.

Affordable Online Advertising Depends On Reliability

A word of caution in dealing within the search engine optimization industry: be careful of quotes that seem unrealistically low.

You may not always get the results you want with the advertising company quoting unrealistic advertising rates.

Why do I say this? These companies that offer advertising services at an incredibly low price are doing one of two things: Outsourcing every project to someone in another country who doesn't understand the totality of Google ranking penalties or simply not delivering concrete, long-term results at the top of Google.

marketing strategies for the small business entrepreneur

My belief about developing a business relationship isn’t so much about the promise or the price of the advertising so much as it is about long-term reliability results we achieve for you.

Any company can cleverly lure you in with words without proving a thing but I’m confident in telling you that my One Page Marketing method is the most affordable and reliable way of quickly getting ranked within Google’s search results.

This is because it’s not based on a "trick" or a special HTML code. It’s simply knowing the right keyword research “science” needed to advertise your page effectively, as well as a lot of hard work in ensuring that my website stays within the good graces of what Google wants.

My Commitment To You and Your Business

Affordable online advertising isn’t only about looking at pricing. It’s really a combination of pricing and the ultimate results you receive in exposure and sales over time.

My commitment to you is that I'll research your specific niche in order to discover those little known, yet highly effective keywords that translate into quick and high rankings for you.

My One Page Marketing system works for every business, product or service because it’s based on sound SEO principles. As well, it’s affordable on almost all levels of income.

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